MU-CELDi research focuses on an integrated approach to both facility and large scale logistics system challenging through modeling, analysis, and intelligent. The research areas can be divided into:

  • Logistics Systems Analysis and Design
  • Supply Chain Modeling
  • Material Flow Design & Improvement
  • Intelligent Systems

   List of Representative Industry Projects

Logistics System Analysis and Design
  • International Logistics Network Design and Consolidation
  • Logistics of Underground Freight Pipelines
  • Adaptive Logistics Network Optimization
  • Distribution Security
  • CDP: Logistics Network Design for Less-Than-Truckload Consolidation
Supply Chain Modeling
  • Supply Chain Design for Energy Consumption
  • Demand Forecasting in Dynamic Environments
  • Dynamic Supplier Network Partnerships
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Modeling
  • CDP: An Intermittent Demand Forecasting Tool
  • CDP: Data Driven Adaptive Forecasting and Inventory Control
Material Flow Design & Improvement
  • Warehouse Floor Layout Optimization
  • Examination of 'Next Generation' Material Handling Solutions
  • Inventory Modeling of Complex Production and Distribution
  • Production Scheduling in a Lean Remanufacturing Environment
Intelligent Systems
  • Logistics of Automatic Identification
  • Cognitive Modeling of Group Decision Behaviors
  • Evaluation of RFID in the Rail Industry
  • Radio Frequency & Supply Chain Logistics
  • CDP: Automated Asset Locating System