At University of Missouri, our CELDi team consists of experts in several broad areas and departments to achieve high quality research and projects. The main research areas of our experts are:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Transportation Systems Engineering
  • Health Management Logistics
  • Management Logistics Faculty
  • Agricultural Economics

   MU CELDi Faculty Expertise

  • Alec Chang - Associate Professor of IMSE with expertise in designing databases for industrial information systems, conducting statistical data analysis and building empirical models for design and system improvement. He is frequently invited to assist ERP system deployment for industrial companies in the U.S. as well as in Taiwan, China and Japan.
  • Praveen Edara – Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. Dr. Edara received his PhD from Virginia Tech in transportation systems engineering. He has expertise in traffic flow planning, system optimization and simulation.
  • Lori Franz - Professor of Management where she teaches management science and decision science courses. Her research interests include applied modeling and decision making in real-world environments. She has published numerous papers in the area of applied transportation and her work in the area has been funded by NIH and the DOT Midwest Transportation Center.
  • Wooseung Jang - Associate Professor of IMSE with expertise in stochastic modeling and optimization, with applications to logistics, supply chain management, production control, and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. He received his Ph.D. in IEOR from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Jang has been involved with several logistics and supply chain related projects funded by federal and state agencies and industry.
  • Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes - Professor of Agricultural Economics with expertise in economic and strategic changes in the agrifood supply chain emerging from the use of biotechnology and the economics of e-commerce in the agrifood sector.
  • Jung Hyup Kim – Assistant professor of IMSE with expertise in human-in-the-loop simulation, cognitive ergonomics, and human behavior modeling. His research has focused on analyzing human cognitive processes and situation awareness in real-world environments.
  • Cerry Klein - Professor of IMSE with expertise in logistics systems, meta-heuristics, combinatorial optimization, and multi-attribute decision making. His current research is in integrated vehicle routing, health care supply chains, extreme event analysis and integrated logistics models.
  • Peter Klein - Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics with expertise in economic analysis of vertical integration and outsourcing, transaction costs, contract design and organizational structure, and management incentives.
  • Tim Matisziw - Assistant Professor of Geography and Civil & Environmental Engineering with expertise in facility siting, network modeling, transportation systems, and spatial decision support systems.
  • Ronald McGarvey – Assistant Professor of IMSE with expertise in applied operations research.  He has over ten years of experience working as an industry researcher, primarily supporting senior decision makers in military logistics through the use of network modeling, inventory optimization, and transportation analysis.
  • Charles Nemmers - Director MU Transportation Infrastructure Center with expertise in transportation systems. As a former Director of the Office of Engineering R&D for the Federal Highway Administration and having previously served as FHWA Division Administrator in New Jersey and Georgia he brings a wealth of expertise and real life experiences to the team. In his current University position he serves to integrate related disciplines to bring holistic solutions to transportation problems.
  • James Noble - Professor of IMSE with expertise in material flow modeling, transportation economics, and logistics system modeling. His research has focused on developing integrated systems solutions to a wide range of macro (i.e. coal pipeline systems, state-wide depot location/vehicle routing) to micro (i.e. material handling, cross docking) logistics/distribution problems
  • Luis Occena - Chair and Associate Professor of IMSE with expertise in scalable systems and information integration, computer-aided product and process modeling and realization, product life cycle management, and industrial automation. His work has been funded by NSF, USDA-FS, SME, and several corporate sponsors.
  • Lisa K. Scheer - Emma S. Hibbs Distinguished Professor of Marketing. Her research interests focus on issues related to the effective organization and management of inter-organizational business relationships of all types. She also has practical business involvement with logistics--including experience with a family-owned trucking company and employment as the manager of a fleet of owner-operator trucks.
  • Carlos Sun - Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. Dr. Sun obtained his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from the UC-Irvine and focuses on the transportation aspects of logistics, supply chain, and material flow including intelligent transportation systems, transportation networks, simulation, and multi-modal transportation.
  • Jinglu Tan Professor of Biological Engineering with expertise in dynamic system modeling and optimization. His research interests include logistics modeling, simulation and optimization of biomass supply and utilization systems.
  • Mark Virkler - Professor of Civil Engineering with expertise in traffic engineering/flow and transportation planning. His work has been funded by the MoDOT, Midwest Transportation Consortium and USDOT Federal Highway Administration.
  • Bin Wu - Professor of IMSE with expertise in supply chain, systems analysis, and healthcare systems. He is the author of the Handbook of Manufacturing and Supply Systems Design and his research has been funded by the NSF and US DOE.